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Worker Ant Fork 🐜🍴 UP TO 60% OFF NOW! 🍴🐜

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Gather your troops for a cute snacking parade! 🐜

What do the ants do when they aren't busy constructing massive bridges to invade rival nests?

A: Munching on your pizza leftovers.

B: Plotting to take over the world.

Well, actually, ALL of the above!Β But since we're selling Ant Food Picks here, the correct answer is C) Carrying Your FoodΒ Because They Can!

These ants will be an awesome addition to your party skewers if you want to surprise your guests and give your table a very unique touch. It will make your party wonderfully unique.

It's the BEST in its class! Yes, an ant food selection. Similar to a toothpick, but with a lot more swagger. It's washable and reusable.

    1. It will SURPRISE your guests!Β Or frighten them since our Ant Food Picks look just like real ones! (hint- Halloween!)

      Of course,Β they don't bite!Β 

    2. It's not just one food pick, but the whole set! That's correct. You're going to get an entire ant-squadron to help you serve your food..Β 

    3. It shows theΒ FUTUREΒ rulers of the world that you're on their side! Did you know that there are one million ants for every human? They also have a hive mind, whereas we argue with strangers on the Internet!

    This is your only chance to appease our future overlords, so act fast!


    Have a good time hosting your next gathering. You will undoubtedly receive compliments.

    Act quickly and give thanks to our new masters by allowing them to carry your food for the time being! Oh, and it makes a great gift for your friends!


    • 12 xΒ Worker Ant ForkΒ