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Tent Clamp Multipurpose Tarp Clips ⛺ UP TO 70% OFF NOW! ⛺

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Stay in all the right places! ⛺💪

Bad experience with tents flying out everywhere when big winds strike while camping outdoors? Looking for something that would keep those tents in place?

Introducing TentClamp Multipurpose Tarp Clips, the clip that keeps tents in place and ensures a great experience while camping outdoors! It can be used in many ways such as securing down tarpaulins, canopies, boat covers, and many more! Definitely a great handy clip to bring with you for outdoor activities!

⛺ Features:

Steady Grip Clips

The tooth-shaped interface and screw clamp design of canvas clamps provides stability and it doesn’t damage when used on the tarpaulin to the maximum degree. Great for fighting out heavy winds or rains!

💪 Durable Nylon Material

TentClamp Clips are not easy to break! It is made of sturdy nylon plastic material that provides a long time usage! These tarp clips are sure dependable for any adventurous trip!

🖐 Portable Handy Tool

Great for carrying out whenever needed with its lightweight design! Having a 1.2 cm hole behind, it is convenient to attach with any rope that fits into it! TentClamp Clips are also accompanied with durable carabiners (each per clip) to further strengthen and secure the things attached to the clip.

😍 Great Versatility Use

TentClamp Clips are totally perfect for outdoor camping, sailing, or picnic dates! They can be used on tarpaulins, poles, boat covers, caravans, and many more!

😁 Super Deals Selection:


Buy 1: 1 unit of Multipurpose Tarp Clip with 1 unit Durable Carabiner

Buy 5: 5 units of Multipurpose Tarp Clip with 5 units Durable Carabiner

Buy 10: 10 units of Multipurpose Tarp Clip with 10 units Durable Carabiner

📝 Instructions:


Step 1 - Hold down the edge of the tarpaulins well

Step 2 - Push on and screw down jaws to stabilize it

Step 3 - Use a strong rope or bungee to secure it



Product Name: Multipurpose Tarp Clips

Product Materials: Durable Plastic Nylon Material

Product Measurement: 3 cm (Length), 2.5 cm (Width), 8 cm (Height)

Accessories Included: 1 Durable Carabiner (per clip basis)*

🎁 Package Included:

1x TentClamp Multipurpose Tarp Clips