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New Portable Eyeglass Cleaning Kit 🧽👓 50% OFF NOW! 👓🧽

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  • Durable & Effective: This eyeglass cleaner applies a revolutionary carbon microfiber technology. It cleans the lens without spray or wipe and can be used over 1000 times!

  • Harmless To Glasses: Our eyeglass cleaner is suitable for all kinds of glasses. The revolutionary cleaning system makes sure that it won’t damage lens coatings as conventional alcohol or ammonia-based liquid cleaner does.

  • Lightweight & Portable: It is small size and is very light. You can put it in any handbag or backpack for instant cleaning. The cleaner uses no liquid and is safe from leaking. Super easy to use and available in different colors.

  • Environmental-Friendly: The technology is based on the cleaning power of the natural carbon element. No need for disposable wipes or plastic spray bottles that need to be replaced or thrown away.


    • Size: 3.8 * 1.2 * 1.0 in

    • Color: gold / blue / purple / black / white


    • 1 * Portable Eyeglass Cleaning Kit


    1. Use the retractable brush to remove dust and other potentially scratchy particles.

    2. Slide the arms out of the cap and place the lens between them. Gently squeeze on either side to close the microfiber on the lens and move to cover the entire surface.