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Large Scale Measuring Spoon ⚖️ 🔥 ON 50% OFF SALE 🔥

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💦 💦 💦 Do you love baking or cooking? Or wish that there was a faster and easier way to measure ingredients? If you do, then this completely adjustable 6-in-1 Advanced Measuring Spoon might be perfect for you.

Large Scale Measuring Spoon Features:

  • ✔️ Easy to use, just slide the adjuster to the desired amount and pour ingredients with a spoon to measure.
  • ✔️Made of food-grade plastic, it's easy to clean without affecting the taste of the ingredients, and the regulator can slide smoothly and lock into place for durability.
  • ✔️ Groove fingerprints help you move the slider back and forth to take measurements, making kitchen work quick and easy.
  • ✔️The edge of the spoon is round. Combine teaspoons and spoons into one convenient storage tool to reduce clutter in the kitchen.
  • ✔️ The kitchen, bakery, home, travel, professional chefs, and bakers prepare gifts. Good choice for kitchen cooking needs.

Product parameters:

✔️ Capacity: L : 30 - 130ml/ 1 - 4 Oz
                      S : 5 - 30ml/ 0.25 - 1 Oz
✔️ Color: Orange