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Algae Repellent Agent 💧 (50% OFF Now!)

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It's pond startup time - Instantly combat UNSIGHTLY ALGAE GROWTH & leave your aquarium water CRYSTAL CLEAR with Algae Repellent Agent!

This agent contains natural active ingredients to effectively eliminates excessive moss, algae and other micro-organisms which turns your water from cloudy, green to sparkling clean.

Not only inhibiting existing and future algae growth, it breaks down dead algae, digests leaves and grass clippings to make your ponds residue-free - no more manual clean-up of dead algae!


  • Effective Water Purifier
    Eliminates excessive moss, algae and other micro-organisms which turns your water cloudy, green and unsightly. 

  • Remove Existing Algae
    Contains natural active ingredients to clump floating particles into large clusters, which break down dead algae and digests leaves and grass clippings. No more residues left. 

  • Works for Any Algae
    Controls most species of algae like filamentous (Blanketweed), string algae, hair algae, diatoms, staghorn algae etc.

  • Easy to Apply
    No need to manually remove dirt & algae - Simply apply to cloudy water for auto-purifying effect! 

  • 100% Safe 
    Contains non-organic, non-toxic compounds that doesn't cause any harm to fish ecosystem. Safe for freshwater ponds, fish and pond plants, as well as surrounding wildlife and pets.

  • Beneficial Bacteria
    Helps balance your pond’s biological needs with a blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes for clearer water.
    • To REMOVE existing algae: Apply the agent to pond/aquarium with correct ratio 100L water : 2g agent.
    • To PREVENT algae: Apply the agent to pond/aquarium with correct ratio 100L water : 1g agent. 
    • After applying 2-3 times, change 1/4 water before use. 
    • Product Weight: 50 g


    • 1 x Algae Repellent Agent